Give Yourself Permission to Let Go of “Shoulds”– If Not Now, When?

This past month has been the pinnacle of a cluster fuck, I'm not going to lie. All kinds of skeletons came tumbling out of a closet I thought was clean, until I moved my dresser a little. Family drama, romantic upheaval, re-hashing sexual assault cases, pandemics, protests, murders, and preparing to do EMDR, in addition

My Favorite Non-Negotiable Self Care Practices

Self care has become sort of a buzzword in the last few years, but it's not necessarily something we learn in school, and maybe not at home either. Self care is how we show ourselves love, respect, and, obviously, care. Self care can be skin care, therapy, exercise, treating yo self, or even taking time

What to Do When You Really Mess Up and 9 Steps to Take

You wake up and you hope it was a nightmare. You shut your eyes tight like maybe if you just go back to sleep it will disappear. You brace yourself before checking your phone to take in the wreckage. We've all been there. Humans make mistakes. Even robots make mistakes, so take comfort in the

10 Proven Mood Boosting Habits to Add to Your Quarantine Routine

It's getting old. We're getting antsy. Some places are doing a gradual re-opening while the rest of us obliged to "stay home to save lives." There's no denying that adapting to this "new normal" is tricky, and makes it easy to fall into bad habits and become greasy couch potatoes. And there is, of course,

How to Manifest and Use the Law of Attraction to Change Your Life in Seven Steps

If you're not familiar with the term manifesting, it is a metaphysical visualization tool where you think, see, and speak the things you desire into existence. So if you're asking yourself, what is manifesting, manifesting is a basically a way we believe our desires into being. As we adapt to our new world, there is

The Juice- Secret Beaches, Perverted Group Texts, and Stealing Like an Artist

Hello and welcome to the Juice, my weekly gratitude list of all the things I am loving right now. Here is what's been filling my heart this week: <3 The lilacs blooming in my yard and putting them together in a bouquet which has filled my whole living room with fragrance <3 Finding a secret

Coronavirus Asks Us to Reevaluate- We Can Use This Time to Rewrite a Better Future

Many of us thought Coronavirus wouldn't make it here, and wouldn't affect us. Most of us felt comfortable, cozy, and distanced from any sort of global pandemic. For many of us, life as we knew it has been turned upside down, as we let our new future unfold one day at a time. We can

Two Questions to Ask Yourself When Faced With Haters, Critics, and Gossip

Mohammad Metri/ Unsplash "People are probably not happy with their lives if they are busy discussing yours." No one likes to be the center of nasty gossip, relentless criticism, or mean spiritedness. It goes against our nature. When we were cave men and women, being socially rejected could mean life or death, as it could

30 Ways to Boost Your Mood

We all have days or moments where we feel like we're in a slump, and we're not sure why. Or maybe you're emotionally hungover from something that happened recently, and you're just looking to dust yourself off and find a little sunshine again. Here are thirty quick ways to give your mood a little boost

I tried Dry February While Getting Back into the Dating Scene and Here’s What Happened

This is my third year embarking on a “dry” month — thirty consecutive days with no alcohol. The first time I tried it I only made it until Valentines day, which should have been a telling sign about the relationship I was in at the time, or my relationship to wine at the time, or