The Juice- Leopard Print Roller Skates, Fresh Underwear, and Cliff Side Ocean Views

Welcome to The Juice- a weekly gratitude column to inspire you to feel happier, and look to your own life and find the limitless blessings that surround you. Gratitude is scientifically proven to improve our physical and mental health, our sleep, our resilience, and even our self esteem. Use this column gets your own juices

The Juice- Secret Beaches, Perverted Group Texts, and Stealing Like an Artist

Hello and welcome to the Juice, my weekly gratitude list of all the things I am loving right now. Here is what's been filling my heart this week: <3 The lilacs blooming in my yard and putting them together in a bouquet which has filled my whole living room with fragrance <3 Finding a secret

The Juice- Pink Champagne in a Can, Therapy Breakthroughs, and Getting Engaged to Yourself

Original Artwork by Ashley Longshore Welcome to The Juice! This is a feature I'll be releasing every week, a public gratitude list where I share what I'm loving, and what the highlights of my week have been- in other words, the juice! It's been over a month in self- quarantine, and while it's been an

The Things We Took For Granted- Why We All Need Gratitude in the Middle of a Pandemic

Photo By Unsplash Before Coronavirus cancelled life as we knew it, many of us were at our jobs in the service industry, hospitality or travel, annoyed with certain coworkers, and dreaming of different careers. Some of us were enjoying a booming economy, looking forward to well- earned vacations or never having to shave our legs