How to Make the Best of the New Normal and Find Acceptance in the Weirdness

Coronavirus has changed life as we knew it. And as summer tempts us with ample opportunities for getting together and celebrating, we must be mindful of our considerations and resist the urge to throw all caution to the wind. With that said, I'm not personally staying at home all the time. I always wear a

The Juice- Top Secret Surprise Visits, Jumping in Freezing Lakes, and Finding the Perfect (Free) Jumpsuit

Welcome to the Juice, a weekly public gratitude list where I share what's been keeping my heart full, and encourage you to think about what you're grateful for in your own life. Our health, family, friends, and food, are good starting points, but a major shift happens when we go beyond the basics and take

I Put a Ring on Myself- The Reason We All Need to Commit to Ourselves Before Someone Else

I love being single. I write about it, I live it, and just the other day I bought a candle I hadn’t bought in a year and I was thinking why does that smell so good, and I realized, the last time I bought that candle was right after my ex moved out. That was

Lessons From Lockdown- Six Things I’ve Learned From Self Quarantine

I’ve been self quarantined (with some socially distant exceptions) for 55 days at the time I write this, and while there have certainly been some peaks and valleys during this time, the highs contain a renewed appreciation, and the lows have pushed me into growth. If you’re struggling in lockdown, riddled with anxiety, and wondering

42 Things to Do In Quarantine

The sun is starting to come out in the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves are unfurling, the flowers are blooming, and while we can go outside and enjoy it, most of us are still being encouraged to stay home and hang tight a while longer. We are having to re-write what fun looks like, and for

10 Proven Mood Boosting Habits to Add to Your Quarantine Routine

It's getting old. We're getting antsy. Some places are doing a gradual re-opening while the rest of us obliged to "stay home to save lives." There's no denying that adapting to this "new normal" is tricky, and makes it easy to fall into bad habits and become greasy couch potatoes. And there is, of course,

Coronavirus Asks Us to Reevaluate- We Can Use This Time to Rewrite a Better Future

Many of us thought Coronavirus wouldn't make it here, and wouldn't affect us. Most of us felt comfortable, cozy, and distanced from any sort of global pandemic. For many of us, life as we knew it has been turned upside down, as we let our new future unfold one day at a time. We can

The Tulips Bloom Anyways- Finding Hope in Uncertain Times

I don't need to tell you this is a historical and uncertain time, or explain the grief, fear, anxiety, sadness, and uncertainty many of us are coping with, with regards to the health and finances of ourselves and our loved ones. Change is scary, the unknown is scary, and so is the threat of chaos,

What Coronavirus Teaches Us About Going Viral

Photo by Evie S on Unsplash Remember in early March, or even January and February of 2020, catching whispers about Coronavirus and thinking it was yet another overhyped media story? That news outlets were once again turning something mostly benign into a sensationalized nightmare to get more clicks and more money? I do! In fact,

The Things We Took For Granted- Why We All Need Gratitude in the Middle of a Pandemic

Photo By Unsplash Before Coronavirus cancelled life as we knew it, many of us were at our jobs in the service industry, hospitality or travel, annoyed with certain coworkers, and dreaming of different careers. Some of us were enjoying a booming economy, looking forward to well- earned vacations or never having to shave our legs