Eleven Ways to Make the End of Winter More Fun

This time of year always holds so much promise, but tends to drag on as we dream of flowering trees and days at the beach. This year, especially, with lockdown restrictions just easing up, many of us are feeling especially cooped up and are ready for a change of seasons.

Here are ten ways to beat the Winter Blues and enjoy the transition season.

  1. Bring the Outside In- Freshen up your space with bouquets of flowers or fresh houseplants. Consider making a special trip to a flower shop or garden center you’ve never been to, and support local small businesses! Sometimes, when we ache to see flowers blooming outside, we just need to bring the flowers inside and stay patient.
  2. Redecorate- If you’re tired of certain furniture and decor, and your place could use a little sprucing up, consider selling or donating some of your stuff and giving your place a makeover. Get ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, peruse through Architectural Digest and get ideas.
  3. Spring Cleaning- I know cleaning isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but I just did a major purge for a cross country move, and I cannot recommend it enough. I got rid of literally hundreds of things, and I don’t miss or even remember most of them! Let it go! It will feel so good to clear out what you don’t need, want, or love, and make room for better things.
  4. Buy snow paint and paint flowers on mounds of snow.
  5. Go thrifting- See what kind of treasures you can find to add a little magic to your house, or perhaps even use for upcycling projects.
  6. Plan a Spring/ Summer getaway. It’s always good to have something to look forward to. Plan something your future self will thank you for.
  7. Pamper yourself- when we’re bundled up and stuck indoors, it’s easy to forgo elaborate grooming routines, but it’s the perfect time to get a manicure, a peel, or a fresh haircut. Treat yourself for yourself, and feel better in your own skin.
  8. Get lost in a project- Winter is the perfect time to get lost in those home improvement or creative projects we love to talk about, but rarely get around to doing. Make it your mission to complete a project on your list before the seasons change.
  9. Host a social distance gathering- Make a theme. Get balloons, order specialty cupcakes, have your guests all wear a certain color.
  10. Do a photoshoot in your own house. Do your makeup. Get dressed up. Involve props. Make a backdrop. Use the self timer function, and take some fun pictures.
  11. Buy candles that smell like Spring- I just bought a candle that smells like lilacs (which to me, is the ultimate Spring smell) and it’s so nice and a great reminder that in time, Spring will come.

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