A Message and Reminder When Your Spirits are Down

It’s ok to feel sad, tired, or worn out right now. It’s ok if you’re struggling, or if the days all seem to bleed together. It’s ok if you can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The light is always there in the distance, but some days the fog makes it harder to see.

We’ve experienced tremendous grief this year around the globe. It’s been heavy and exhausting, and so it’s ok if that’s how you’re feeling. It makes sense.

Life is hard enough without a pandemic. But here we are. And you know what? We’re getting through it. We’re still showing up. We’re still finding joy, and reasons to celebrate. We are caring for one another. We are still creating. We are adapting, still laughing, still growing, still putting out love into the world.

Our dark days, or dark moments, cannot take that away. You are not a sum of your low points. You are not your mistakes. Like life itself, you are a full, beautiful, complex being with highs and lows, made up of stars and flowers, animals and blood, dirt and rain, part twisted and strange, but part divine and beautiful. You are all of it, rolled into a human.

The human spirit can hibernate, but it always wakes up. Even if it breaks, it can heal.

The most joyful, grateful, creative, and spiritual people I know did not get that way by means of an easy life. Their spirits were tested, twisted, sometimes battered, and they only became more resilient. They reached for the light, and learned to bathe in it. They became stronger as soon as they realized their spirits, and they themselves, were survivors.

These people devote their lives to helping others, whether that is through teaching, or spreading joy, love, faith. They help others heal. They love others. They share their time, resources, and energy.

The challenges often are what bring us closer to God, the Universe, spirituality, whatever you want to call it. We reach out in these times and become connected to something bigger than ourselves. We whisper, we say, “Hey God, I know I haven’t talked to you in a while, but, I need some help.” And we get an answer. We begin to believe in something bigger than us, something out there that is loving, healing, teaching, accepting, and embracing us.

If your spirit is hurting, remember it is only making you stronger, and more able to turn to creativity, gratitude, and joy.

You are evolving. You are shedding layers. Your roots are stretching beneath the surface and you are gaining strength.

The sun will shine again. The flowers will bloom. You will laugh, and be held, and be able to look back on the version of yourself that was hurting and say, “aww, it’s ok, babe. It will be alright soon.”

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