The Juice- Befriending Strangers, Selling Everything I Own, and The Queens Gambit

Hello! I hope the new year is treating you well. I hope you are finding joy even though the world is upside down. I hope you are making strides in your New Years Resolutions, and forgiving yourself when you aren’t. I hope you’re finding cash in unexpected places, and feeling hopeful that life is about to turn a corner for the better. I hope you take some dance breaks.

I’ve been a little MIA lately because I’m in the process of a big move, but I wanted to stop by and share what I’m feeling grateful for lately, AKA The Juice:

<3 Selling everything I own except for what fits in my car in preparation for a cross country trek. It is scary and uncomfortable, but liberating and exciting, too.

<3 Almost everyone who has purchased something from me has been SO kind, and I’ve made a few new friends, too (always right before you leave a place. Just me?)

<3 Realizing that despite what the news says, I’ve found people this year, and lately especially, have been kinder, and more open. Perhaps being stripped away of so much this past year has made us realize what’s important?

<3 After an entire year of going back and forth on a move, FINALLY making a decision and sticking to it and realizing it doesn’t really matter because nothing is permanent and you can always change your mind and adapt! We are free! I am excited for this new chapter, however.

<3 Being able to love people even if they believe in conspiracy theories, or don’t share my beliefs.

<3 Karma doin’ it’s thing

<3 Seeing the tulips I planted two years ago already starting to poke their little green heads out of the ground. Spring will arrive!

<3 The days getting a little lighter in the Northern hemisphere… it’s not much, but my God it makes a difference.

<3 Finally getting around to the Queen’s Gambit. I don’t even care about chess, but it was the best series I’ve seen in a while. The characters are original, and the whole series was refreshing. Also, it is visually gorgeous.

<3 Finding good homes for plants I’ve watched grow up over the last six years! They feel like children, but I know they’re going to good homes and I’ll get to see a couple of trees mature in the ground. Amazing.

<3 Realizing I love where I live, and it’s been such a blessing, but I’ve known it’s time to move on. It feels good to leave knowing I’ve lost something good, but at the same time knowing it’s for the best, and the right thing to do.

<3 Planning road trips I want to take in 2021. Desert wildflowers and NOLA to start!

<3 Making art even as my house is in moving shambles. It’s therapy. It’s joy.

<3 Dancing out anger. I was feeling super pissed off about something and literally danced it out. It was great.

That’s all for now! What are you grateful for this week? The world is indeed upside down, inside out, and a little ugly right now, but no one can take away our joy or ability to find the beauty! Don’t you just feel it… that we’re going to come out the other side of all of this better for it? It’s amazing what can happen and show up in our lives when we just trust

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