6 Reasons Why Learning to Love Being Alone Helps You Find Your Purpose and Live a More Fulfilled Life

Learning to love and embrace solitude is a gift that will improve your sense of well-being, your creativity, your productivity, and will help you truly know yourself so you can live more purposefully.

When we are constantly bombarded with the messages, words, values, and opinions of others, it’s hard to hear our own. We need periodic quiet and solitude to hear our inner guidance, and live more meaningful lives.

If you never take the time to really get to know yourself, how do you know the life you are building is one you actually want?

6 Reasons We All Need to Learn to Love Solitude

It Allows us to Deeply Know Ourselves So We Can Discover Our Purpose

Yes, the only way to really know yourself is to spend time alone. As humans, we are social creatures, and easily influenced by others. This is how we’ve evolved — to stay safe, fed, warm, and apart of the “tribe.”

However, if we don’t take enough time to figure out who we are outside of our friendships and relationships, we may fulfill others expectations of us without a second thought. Before we know it, we’re living life on autopilot without ever having sat down and thought, who am I? What do I want for myself and my one precious life? What did I come here to do and to experience? What are my gifts and how can I use them to help others?

Life moves fast. Give yourself the gift of solitude to figure out who you are in your most authentic expression. Figure out what gives you a sense of purpose, contentment, and fulfillment when it’s just you. Follow what makes you feel fulfilled.

Being Alone Helps You Tap into Your Creativity

When we are constantly entertaining ourselves with distractions and company, we leave little room for creativity. Creativity thrives in empty space, and that includes our brain.

When we allow for empty space, or “boredom” without distraction, we give creativity room to grow.

Of course, you can get creative collaboratively, or inspired by others, but letting ourselves experience boring moments of solitude helps us tap into our own original ideas and then, most importantly, act on them!

When we are inspired by others or entertainment, it’s too easy to forget the jolt of inspiration and continue on with what we’re doing. When we’re alone, or “bored” we’re more likely to take a note of it to act later, or say to ourselves, well hey, I’ve got nothing else going on, I might as well act on this.

You’ll Be More Productive

Distractions, whether it’s social media, TV, or a filled-to-the-brim social life, can interfere with progressing on our personal projects, fitness, or creative pursuits. Now, I’m not saying ditch your social life and sacrifice fun to get in shape and write a book, but find balance. Set aside at least a few days a week just for you — to focus on getting in shape, getting organized, or chipping away at home improvement projects.

Sacrificing a glass of wine with your friends one night in favor of long term gratification is worth it. Your friends, and the wine, will be there next time. Learn to delegate your time and strike a balance.

You’ll Find More Peace and Freedom

When you learn to be comfortable in your own company and enjoy being alone, you find peace and freedom in solitude.

You don’t have to wait to have a date to try a new restaurant or visit a new city. You don’t need to worry about how to fill every spare moment with company. You’re less afraid to try new things if you don’t need someone to hold your hand- you learn to hold your head high. Nothing beats the satisfaction of being confident and comfortable in your own skin, independent and free.

It Will Teach You to Thrive

Humans have had to rely on others to survive, but in modern times we also need to learn to survive and thrive alone. I’m not condoning isolation, or sayig you should have no need for relationships. Friendships, community, and meaningful relationships (romantic or otherwise) are key to a healthy, happy life.

We can never rely on others to supply us with happiness, however. When we learn to love being alone, we learn to supply ourselves with happiness, with is an invaluable tool we will carry with us through our entire lives.

When we know how to fill our own cups, we are more likely to keep our standards high for relationships and friendships because we don’t need constant companionship or reassurance from others.

Learning to Love Being Alone Will Help You Find Your People

If you never learn who you really are, you never invite the opportunity to be loved and accepted as your authentic self. Your uniqueness is your greatest gift because only you possess it. For this reason, your uniqueness is extremely valuable, and the people who are meant to be in your life will adore it.

Spend enough time alone to learn about, love, and share your weirdness with the world. Your uniqueness will lead you to your path, your calling, and your true friends. You need to let your particular brand of weird out to play so your fellow weirdos can find you.

Plus, people can sense neediness and desperation. When you don’t need the company of others to enjoy yourself, people are naturally more drawn to you. People are drawn to confidence, and the ability to stand alone takes confidence.


Learn to love being alone without distractions. You were given a body, a soul, and a unique set of genetics. Get to know yourself deeply — it will allow you to tap into your creativity, accomplish more of your goals, find your purpose, and attract your people.

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