How to Use Nature to Accomplish Your Goals- Change with the Seasons

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu

You don’t have to force things. In fact, I’d argue, you should never force things. Working with the seasons of our planet and our lives is one way to let things unfold more organically, and in perfect timing.

Wouldn’t it feel better if you gave up rushing, urgency, and needing things to happen immediately? How would this change your world? How would this change your internal world?

I’m writing to you from the Northern hemisphere, and the changing of the seasons feels especially significant this year. You can still taste summer in the air, but Fall is everywhere, from the cooler nights to the mushrooms that appear overnight. It’s bittersweet to kiss summer days goodbye, but my body is ready to roll with seasons, and preserve energy by following the cues nature.

This time of year is always special. I always loved the fresh start the back-to-school vibes bring. I’m flooded with memories of fresh notebooks and pens, fresh starts, and getting back into routine, getting to work, and enjoying the harvest season. Summer is great, but so is change.

What if instead of forcing ourselves to go go go as hard as we can all the time, we utilized the seasons, and nature, to guide us? What if we let things unfold easily instead of fighting, and looked to nature for the answers.

For instance, Spring is budding energy, new ideas, fresh energy, the start of something. We are waking up, unfurling, like tender green leaves, not quite strong enough to withstand a heavy storm, but with time and care we will be.

Summer is buzzing, hot, and long. Summer gives momentum to Spring. The little rose buds from Spring can bloom and bloom and bloom again all through Summer. Our spring ideas can flower and fruit and become whole. We get stronger. We can bask and recharge in the energy of the sun.

Fall is harvest time. All that work we’ve been doing, all the momentum we’ve built, it’s time to put the finishing touches on our work and goals, to weed, to rest, to get into our routine and enjoy the harvest before winter. This is the final push before we rest. The days encourage a little more work and a little less play. This is our march to the finale.

Winter is rest. Winter is going inward. Winter is dormancy, a celebration of another cycle, a time to cozy up and connect with our loved ones, to let the darkness work it’s magic so we can grow stronger when the sun returns. Winter is when we let ourselves recover before the cycle begins anew.

How might your life change if you relaxed into the seasons, and let nature guide you in your work, and in your choices?

What if instead of writing 5000 words a day 365 days a year you found a balance that allowed you to thrive when your energy is highest, and rest when you need to recover? What if you let go of the idea that you are a robot, and accepted that you cannot thrive based on outputting a certain measure of productivity every day?

Let yourself soften into the seasons, into the changes. Look to the wisdom of nature and allow yourself to feel into your work, and let things unfold with the rhythm of the changing seasons.

If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, enjoy the harvest. Harness your summer energy and forge ahead. Winter is coming. Get into your routine. Get out your fresh notebooks. This is your time. Show up for your work, think about what ideas you carried with you from Spring, nurtured through Summer, and what you want to harvest this Fall. It’s not too late.

You can’t see your progress as clearly when you’re up close and personal with it, but when you step back you realize you are so much closer to harvest. You have to believe. Sometimes things mature overnight. Believe in your work, in yourself, and allow the seasons to provide for you.

If you’re coming up on Summer, think about what Spring ideas you want to see bloom and harness the power of the sun so you can see those ideas bloom and fruit. What do you want to harvest in the Fall? Enjoy Summer, have fun, bask in it, re-energize, feel yourself charge up from the sun, and nurture the things that feel right.

It might not feel like your ideas and goals are growing quickly enough, but it takes time, and seasons. Trust that if you continue to nurture your ideas, you will have a harvest. You have to feed your ideas, water them, tend to them, check on them, be wary of pests and diseases, and you have to trust.

Nature has been around thriving a lot longer than we have. It’s in our best interest to look to it for some answers. Trust the changing seasons and allow yourself to fall into their rhythm.

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