The Juice- Swimming Pool Sized Tide Pools, Magical Baths, and Crystal Blue Light Glasses

Welcome to your weekly serving of the Juice, the things I am feeling most especially grateful for this week. I’m going to dive right into it this week:

❤ Having a socially distanced beach picnic day with a new friend and seeing tide pools at least 6 feet deep and the size of small swimming pools

❤ Doing a Ritual Self Care bath under the New Moon and feeling very in touch with the Universe, very loved, and very cared for

❤ New Beeswax candles making my whole house smell like warm honey goodness

❤ Hard Kombucha is a delicious thing I am recently into

❤ Using my new beautiful crystal framed blue light glasses so I don’t get headaches from being on the computer all day!

❤ Filling another journal in three months and marveling at 2020 and the amount of writing I’ve done… insane!

❤ Saying goodbye to Cancer season the proper way, in the bath and feeling about as tender as a clam exposing her pearl

❤ Ready AF for the drama, glamour and FIRE of Leo Season

❤ Choosing to trust the Universe and not fight what comes my way, and have no regrets. I trust that what is mine is coming for me, and I let go what of what isn’t meant for me.

❤ Being gifted the best CBD/THC edibles by my parents and sleeping like a baby

❤ Going on a hike on a closed off road with my music and discovering the art of hike dancing… I highly recommend it, and it works best whilst dancing/ hiking down hills.

❤ Getting to visit my second favorite rose garden in Peninsula Park in Portland

❤ Hiking to a secret beach and being the only person on that beach the entire time I was there. Surreal.

I hope you are finding things to be grateful for, sucking the juice out of every day, and letting the bullshit fall away.

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