The Juice- Earth Angels, Historic Hotels, and Sight Seeing on Roller Skates

Hello and welcome to your weekly edition of The Juice- my weekly public gratitude list where I share the juiciest moments from my recent life. I practice gratitude every day, but on here I like to share mine to inspire you to stretch your gratitude practice and open your eyes to the multitude of blessings this life offers us. So, without further ado, I present to you this week’s Juice:

<3 My lavender plants going off, same with my cut flower seed mix, and there’s nothing I love more than walking outside to cut my own bouquet for the house.

<3 Eating Thai Food three times in a week. I normally get take-out sparingly, but I’ve been craving Thai hard and damn, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it.

<3 Getting an opportunity to go to Long Beach for work opportunities for a hot minute and feeling so refreshed by the change in scenery

<3 Waking up in sunny Southern California and having coffee in bed while a palm tree and the sun performed a light show on the curtains and sheets

<3 Staying at the Westin in Long Beach and watching the Long Beach Terrace Theater fountain change colors at night

<3 Staying at the Broadlind Historic hotel, and marveling at the architecture, rounded windows and doors. I swear a ghost grazed my hand one night.

<3 Even though I wore a mask and practiced social distancing, I still met quite a few Earth Angels… From dog owners to other roller skaters to grocery store patrons and workers, to people asking about my skates and a sweet gal who made me a watermelon margarita. They don’t call it the city of angels for nothin’.

<3 Making the most of my short time down there, but bringing my roller skates and exploring the different neighborhoods on skates, including the magnificent Naples canals.

<3 Taking pictures of street art, plumeria, pomegranates, butterflies, bougainvillea, palm trees, and crystals

<3 Being kitty corner from a metaphysical shop where they had giant amethyst butterfly wings on display and I bought a few new crystals

<3 Seeing butterflies (especially Monarchs) literally everywhere… from hotel lobbies to gardens to the waterfront. I think they were sending me a message.

<3 Killer people watching. Southern California/ the LA area is full of characters and the area in general is just very entertaining/ funny/ weird/ bizarre to watch and be a part of. I love it.

<3 Going for a walk and coming upon a tiny park with a small stage where two DJs were playing an incredible soul/funk/house set to a small, socially distanced audience (with several roller skaters and skate boarders doing their thing in the background)

<3 Feeling hopeful about new mask regulations, and seeing more and more people wear masks even outdoors. I BELIEVE WE CAN BEAT THIS THING! I BELIEVE A SAFE VACCINE IS ON IT WAY!

<3 Feeling refreshed after taking a pause, and even more jazzed to create, write, and work after switching up my routine and getting a change in scenery

<3 Reuniting with my kitties, and appreciating how they are always by my side when they’re in the house, and we are one big cuddle puddle while in bed.

<3 Sleeping like an absolute rock last night after skating for five hours (in addition to hours of walking) in two days

<3 Reading the follow up book to Steal Like an Artist, which is called Show Your Work, (I recommend these for any creative) and it’s helping me feel motivated and also making the idea of social media more fun. I definitely recommend work by Austin Kleon.

<3 After a year and a half of blogging (and for a long time feeling like I was blogging to a void) and 76 posts, I am starting to show up in Google Searches more and more. Yay! Persistence works, you guys.

<3 Feeling determined to have an amazing year full of creativity and connection, and finding the inspiration even if 2020 is a bit of a shit show. Shit shows make for good stories.

<3 Seeing one of my bffs and having a social distance photoshoot date and feeling super buzzed off our conversation and being creative and playing together

I hope you are finding pleasure in the little things, and are finding moments that make you feel happy and alive. I hope you are taking breaks, patting yourself on the back for making it through a super weird and hard year, and I hope you find ways to switch up your routine and hit the reset button in your brain.



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