The Juice- Magical Trees with Boobs, Signs from the Universe, and Forests filled with Purple Flowers


Welcome to your weekly serving of the Juice, a place to share the juiciest things we’re grateful for.

People who practice gratitude are happier and less depressed than those who don’t. Making daily gratitude lists has been paramount in shifting my mindset, and is a surefire way to get out of a funk and live a generally happier existence. Don’t take your life and blessings for granted, stop and say thank you!

Be sure to comment with what you are feeling grateful for this week, we’d love to know!

Plus, the more we appreciate what we have, the more we attract added sweetness to our lives. Gratitude is a crucial part of manifesting.

Here’s what I am especially grateful for this week:

<3 Hiking in the woods I grew up in and being awestruck by the forest floor covered in purple flowers

<3 Visiting the “Prayer Tree” in those same woods (an enormous oak with voluptuous “boobs”) where family members (including dogs) have placed their hands (and paws) on the trunk to pray, say thank you, and leave their hopes for years. There are also some family members ashes there. One time I came up on it and the base of the tree was surrounded with sunflowers, red roses, and lupines.

<3 Eating my favorite Chicago Deep Dish pizza stuffed with mushrooms, green peppers, and spinach. I fantasize about this pizza when I’m away from home and it never disappoints, though it’s probably best it stays a rare treat. So. Much. Cheese.

<3 Being reminded of one of my favorite childhood movies, Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead. Swell was my hero with her hand-drawn edits to fashion magazines, killer style, and the balls to jump into a career and figure it out along the way, and then totally slay.

<3 Rollerskating with my niece and watching her successfully go down her first ever mini hill/ ramp, and then again three more times.

<3 Sitting on my parents screened in porch during a glorious Midwest thunderstorm, lightning and all.

<3 Getting all three seats to myself on my 7AM flight home and sprawling out and sleeping the entire time

<3 Buying myself a giant bouquet of sunflowers, pink carnations, and pink and yellow tulips

<3 Finding the best pair of oversized black and leopard sunglasses. Privacy and glamour makes for the perfect pair in my opinion.

<3 Being reunited with my kitties who are undoubtedly the best kitties in the entire world. I’m so grateful for how affectionate, loving, and social they are. They don’t play games, they just love!

<3 A social distant friend date sitting in the sunshine chatting

<3 a social distant hike where another friend showed me a new trails with a beautiful view of the ocean and our town, a secret Sasquatch, and being surrounded by hills bursting with gold flowers

<3 Asking the universe for signs and getting them within seconds- hot pink ribbon all alone on a dirt road, and a bat flying across a starry sky

<3 Feeling hopeful about reopening and immunity

<3 Buying new paints, paintbrushes, and rhinestones and dreaming up new paintings

<3 Finding out my dad wrote an e-book on how to sell your house without an agent, and encouraging me to put together my own e-book (it’s been in the works!)

<3 Tie Dye dresses in pink and black

<3 Finding the perfect gold metal mirror for a tricky corner in my house

<3 Sitting outside in the sunshine with my coffee in the morning listening to the birds

<3 Lavender, rose, and lemon baths

<3 Deep sleeping for 9-10 hours three nights in a row


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