The Juice- Full Moon Magic, Netflix Binges, and Planning Surprises

Welcome to the Juice! This is a weekly public gratitude list I publish to inspire you to expand your own gratitude practice. While it’s imperative we’re grateful for our homes, family, and health, why not stretch beyond that and train our brains to find the magic in all pockets of life?

This week, here’s what I’m feeling especially grateful for:

<3 Long phone chats with my sister

<3 Living in a small enough community we can still go surfing in a few spots, and having that sense of community

<3 Freaking fantastic Thai takeout and the best mango sticky rice I’ve ever had

<3 My ASOS order coming in, and all of it fits perfectly

<3 Doing some full moon magic under the Scorpio full moon in my garden and setting intentions and feeling a major shift and weight lifted afterwards. I burned my intentions and buried the ashes under my hydrangea.

<3 Painting my toenails two different colors- hot pink on the left foot and coral on the right foot because I couldn’t decide

<3 Planning top secret surprises with my sister and niece

<3 Flirting in a mask because it’s funny and gives people guts

<3 Seeing friends (at a distance!) in person and feeling all warm and fuzzy about it

<3 Spending an entire lazy day watching Dead to Me on Netflix. It’s been a long time since I had a day that lazy! It was needed.

<3 My roses first buds of the year fattening up and getting ready to bloom

<3 Planning what I want to plant in my garden this year and having an epiphany about white flowers matching the white trim on my house

<3 Sunbathing with SPF and my sweet kitties at my side

<3 Teaching strangers how to paint their surfboards

<3 Freshening up my altar, changing out the tablecloth, adding fresh flowers

<3 Charging all my crystals in a bowl of salt water under the full moon

<3 Having a new stack of books to read including Steal Like an Artist and Betsey

<3 Scoring the perfect black sparkle Reef flip flops at the grocery store

What are you grateful for this week? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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