42 Things to Do In Quarantine

The sun is starting to come out in the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves are unfurling, the flowers are blooming, and while we can go outside and enjoy it, most of us are still being encouraged to stay home and hang tight a while longer. We are having to re-write what fun looks like, and for the next year or so, we may continue to have to do so. So, if you’re wondering what to do with yourself as you’re stuck (mostly) at home, read on:

  1. Make some art!
  2. Put your bookshelf or closet into rainbow order
  3. Go through your closet and donate or toss anything you don’t love or that doesn’t make you feel good.
  4. Bring fresh flowers to essential workers
  5. Take screenshots of your favorite style items, online “window shop” and create a lookbook or photo album on your phone with inspiration to reinvent your style
  6. Do the same thing with home decor and plan out your dream re-decorating scheme
  7. Make a vision board
  8. Learn how to manifest
  9. Spray paint your furniture fun colors
  10. Get out your Christmas lights and hang them in windows or over your mantle and rock them year round
  11. Bake cookies and drop them off on a friends porch
  12. Bake a cake and decorate it with edible flowers
  13. Go hiking
  14. Make a Business plan for your dream job
  15. Garden
  16. Grab a blanket, some snacks, and put on sunscreen and lay out in the sun listening to music, podcasts, or reading and have yourself a picnic
  17. Start a gratitude journal
  18. Make a bucket list
  19. Paint a mural in a room in your house, or an accent wall
  20. Make a suncatcher
  21. Put uplifting messages on post-its and put them all around your house
  22. Try new hairdos and learn how to do some fancy braids
  23. Dye your hair
  24. Give Yourself a Manicure or Pedicure
  25. Find a good book and spend all day reading in bed (or your yard, or on an open beach, or find a grassy knoll.)
  26. Learn how to roller skate
  27. Learn how to skateboard
  28. Make amends with an old friend you had a falling out with
  29. Take self portraits and get creative with location, makeup, clothing, props, etc.
  30. Go drive or walk through new pockets of your town and take photos of your adventure
  31. Play the Squiggle Game….which is a game I invented as far as I know where your friend (or if you’re alone, you) draw a random squiggle/line on a piece of paper and the other person turns it into a picture
  32. Go outside and forage a bouquet. Get creative and use branches and grasses and leafy things in addition to flowers
  33. Paint your mailbox
  34. Get rid of stuff! Go through every room and get rid of things you no longer need that are just taking up space. Deep clean every room, draw, cabinet, etc. It might sound daunting, but you can split it up into projects and it can be soothing with a good podcast or playlist.
  35. Treat yourself to a face mask
  36. Cast a spell
  37. Find new yoga videos on Youtube and stretch it out
  38. Play with your pets and make them new toys with what you have around the house
  39. Re-pot your plants
  40. Paint rocks for your garden or hide them in your neighborhood for others to find
  41. Make a giant pillow and blanket fort to watch movies or read books in
  42. Send a card or a letter to a friend

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