The Juice- Leopard Print Roller Skates, Fresh Underwear, and Cliff Side Ocean Views

Welcome to The Juice- a weekly gratitude column to inspire you to feel happier, and look to your own life and find the limitless blessings that surround you.

Gratitude is scientifically proven to improve our physical and mental health, our sleep, our resilience, and even our self esteem. Use this column gets your own juices flowing and start looking to everything there is to feel thankful for.

While it’s easy to slip into a fearful mindset, and focus on all the things going wrong in the world right now, that kind of thinking is not going to help us feel better or do better. Plus, gratitude is easy, anyone can practice it, from anywhere in the world, and the research plainly states it improves our quality of life.

Here’s what I am feeling especially grateful for this week:

<3 Taking up roller skating as a new hobby. It’s just plain fun, and my skates are leopard print with pink sparkly wheels so I WANT to lace up. Also, it’s always good to switch up your fitness routine and challenge your body and mind in new ways.

<3 The Hangouts app which allows me to text and Facetime with my sweet nine year old niece, and being able to catch up and hang out with her from 2,000 miles away

<3 Planning trips for post lock down, roller skating adventures, photo shoots and dance routines with my sister and niece, and recipes we’ll make together

<3 Incredible t-shirt weather and sitting outside in the sunshine and at dusk watching the Full Moon in Scorpio rise through the clouds

<3 Finally reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, and being amazed at how some books and humor really stand the test of time.

<3 Buying new underwear and feeling fresh as a daisy

<3 Long drives with new music and epic cliff side ocean views

<3 The Madfit Youtube channel. This lady is an evil genius, and I am very grateful to switch up my routine and use new muscles.

<3 Meeting cute new dogs out on walks and in the neighborhood

<3 Long walks on the (still open) beach

<3 Opening the windows in my house and getting fresh air in here every day

<3 Online learning!

<3 Seeing my friends faces on Facetime and Instagram. Technology in general

<3 The gift of writing and creating and how it always makes me feel better

<3 Filling up a journal in record time– 2 months!

<3 This time of year when the trees are all leafing out and the woods and neighborhoods are practically neon green

<3 Pulling the Ten of Pentacles card for the month of May, reminding me to be thankful that I always have more than enough

<3 Not wearing foundation or concealer and giving my skin a well- deserved break

<3 More books coming in the mail and all this time to read

<3 a cute and safe house to stay home in

So, what are you grateful for this week? Tell me in the comments below. We always need gratitude, and now more than ever. Try it, you’ll feel better and more energized and the more you do it the more you realize how much there is to always be grateful for.

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