How to Manifest and Use the Law of Attraction to Change Your Life in Seven Steps

If you’re not familiar with the term manifesting, it is a metaphysical visualization tool where you think, see, and speak the things you desire into existence. So if you’re asking yourself, what is manifesting, manifesting is a basically a way we believe our desires into being.

As we adapt to our new world, there is no better time to learn to manifest. This is not the time to sink into despair, but to find our inner strength and elevate. Let’s make a better world, as individuals, and as a collective.

The Law of Attraction sounds totally woo-woo, I get it, but it’s not just talk and crystals and gimmicks to sell you shit. Manifesting is becoming mainstream because manifesting actually works and is an accessible way for everyday people to make big changes in their lives. Thoughts become things, as they say, so when we change our thoughts, we change our things, we change our actions, and we change our lives.

Once you experience the first hand effects and get better and better at it, you’ll become addicted. Plus, Oprah calls herself a “powerful manifestor” and I mean, come on, that’s Oprah! I realize Hollywood is chock-full of insufferable trends, but if you want to change your life and literally make magic happen, give this a shot.

I’ve believed in and manifested for several years. I could always get better, of course, but I’ve manifested dream houses by the beach, a new car, doubling my income, and two week vacations, to name a few.

I manifested the house I currently live in, about a quarter mile from the beach. See, I was in a temporary rental, and the lease was ending, and I was struggling to find a suitable place by the beach, but every day I would visualize this adorable cottage with good lighting, close to the beach, a little yard and garden, affordable, a studio for my art, hardwood floors, and a great tub. I would write about it and write how grateful I was to have found this place, in my budget, and how having a home I loved exponentially increased my quality of life. I did all this before I had the house. I had no leads, I just pretended it existed and believed in my imagination.

Most importantly, since I really, truly, believed it was going to fall into place, so I wasn’t stressed about it. This is the hardest part of manifesting: you have to let go, forget about it, and find ways to have fun and be content anyways. I continued to surf, write, lay in the sunshine, laugh with my friends and go on fun dates.

My boyfriend at the time was getting panicked about finding a place and waiting any longer, so we settled for this mother-in-law-unit miles from the ocean, with minimal privacy, and weirdly damp floors with cigarette burns in them. It was bad, but it was a month-to-month lease.

I was explaining my predicament to a coworker who said, out of the blue, “You know, my in laws have a place a rent. It’s super cute. Let me ask.” Within a few hours she was texting me pictures of this little cottage with a hot ink climber rose growing outside, hardwood floors, big windows and good light, a beautiful stone bath tub and heated floors in the bathroom, and a fenced in yard. Within a few weeks, they negotiated an affordable price point and we moved in.

Flash forward to seven months later, post break-up, and I had to figure out a way to suddenly pay double the rent. I was not even able to save money at the time as it was, but I insisted to my landlord I would figure something out.

I had a tax return that would get me through the next two months, and I had to figure out a way to essentially double my income in that time. It felt scary as heck, but I pulled out my manifesting tricks, took Gala Darlings Radical Rituals Abundance Course when it went on sale (which is heavily based in manifesting) and then I just lived my life.

I applied for a couple of better paying jobs, I put the word out about some freelance work, took on a few extra hours at work, and then I wrote every day about how grateful I was to not be worried about money, to have more than enough to pay all my bills, and have extra to have a little fun, and put some in savings, even though I had no idea how I was going to pay all my bills in two months time.

Then, I relaxed. I lived my life, I went home for a wedding and partied, I took a paid-for trip to Nashville, and when I got back, I got offered a job that literally doubled my income and allowed me to stay in my house, pay all my bills, and have a little extra left over.

I could go on and on and on with more examples, and I’d be happy to, but you’re probably just itching to give this a go yourself. Keep in mind, when you first start out with manifesting, things can take a while because it takes time to get the hang of any new skill.

Sometimes, it takes years because that’s how long it takes for you to relax your grip and let go of NEEDING something to be a certain way. As soon as you let go of the need and find contentment anyways, it shows up. So, before you throw your hands up and say “this shit doesn’t work. I’m going back to being helpless and miserable the way God intended,” remember that the key aspect is keeping the faith, keeping your spirits high, and being patient.

How to manifest in Seven Steps

Name the Desire

Get specific. “I want to double my earnings next month, and bring in $3000 from my side hustle,” or “I want to find my own apartment with a beautiful balcony, hardwood floors, and natural light,” or “I want to find a new job that allows me to work whenever I want, from anywhere in the world.” “I want to fall in love and have a healthy, fun relationship.”

Own the desire

This is where it gets tricky. You may say you’d like to make six figures, but if you make fun of people with money, and are harboring beliefs that having money is gross or greedy or tacky, you are essentially cock-blocking that six figure salary from ever reaching your bank account. Do not cock block your desires. Own your beliefs, and align with your beliefs. Admire the big, beautiful house or fancy car and the beautiful craftsmanship. Appreciate the skill, history, and perfect weather conditions that went into that wine. Enjoy money when it comes to you, jump up and down, and say “Thank you!” out loud.

Align with the Desire

We want the things we want because we want the way they make us feel: safe, secure, desired, confident, happy, loved. The law of attraction states that like attracts like.

So if you want to fall in love because you want to feel loved, desired, and happy, you essentially have to find ways to get those feelings without being “in love,” with another person in the traditional sense.

How can you flirt with life, with the world, with the people you meet every day to get to those feelings? How can you fill yourself with love, believe in your own desirability, and cultivate your own happiness?

This is another reason gratitude practice is so important. We learn to see all the blessings we currently have, and to be happy with what is. We can also use our gratitude practice to appreciate the things that haven’t “arrived” yet to get us into alignment.

Figure out what the feeling you are hoping to get from obtaining your desire, and then find other means to capture that feeling.

Believe it and Speak it, and Write it Into Existence

In order to manifest the things you want, you have to believe they are possible. If you are harboring secret beliefs that money is gross and you don’t deserve to have any, you’re not gonna be rollin’ in it any time soon. If you’re looking for your dream home but convinced they are all out of your price range, that’s what you will find. And if you really want a healthy relationship, but secretly believe people can’t be trusted and you’re better off alone, you’re probably going to stay that way.

It can feel scary and even delusional at first to believe big change is possible, but you have to if you want to change your life.

Visualize it

This is the fun part. This is where your job is literally just to daydream and fantasize, and let yourself feel all the good feelings you’re after. This is where you can lay around in sun spots and picture your desires: how it feels, what it smells like, what textures, sounds, and colors are present, or perhaps the feeling of someones skin lovingly touching your skin. You can do this during meditation, on walks, when you’re commuting, or at night before you fall to sleep.

This is also why I highly recommend making vision boards.

Take Action

Ok, so I know it’s sounded pretty easy to sit around and say what we want, believe it, and then fantasize, right? Well, you have to do a little work, too.

Take action. Apply for jobs. Make your art. Search for apartments. Research the costs for a cross- country move and start saving. Work out. Go on dates. DO the things! You have to meet the universe halfway, as they say. It’s a delicate balance. If you’re obsessive about it, and don’t allow yourself time to rest or have fun, you’re too attached, which brings me to my last point

Relax and Have Fun

The Universe gives you what you want as soon as you no longer need it, I swear. Ever been desperate to hear from your crush and as soon as you get lost in something else and forget about them, your phone rings? That’s the law of attraction at work.

Be so confident that what you want is coming, you’re not stressed about it not coming to you. Get so high on your own supply you would be happy even if your long list of desires never came to fruition! It sounds ridiculous, but the key to getting what you want is not needing it.

It’s always a good time to manifest, and as we watch our world change and humans adapt, we can use the power of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to elevate. If you want to change your life, change your thoughts, your beliefs, and your routines. The Universe wants to give you the things you want. It just has a few ground rules.

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