The Portal- Abandoned Beauty Regimens, Roller Skate Stunt Women, and Fine Art with Dildos

Welcome to the Portal. A link roundup to transport you to different worlds and perspectives, and to escape and get inspired for a moment. It’s the best of the internet for this five minutes, and worth the preservation of a blog post to bring you inspiration, fun, and insight.

Step in to the Portal and enjoy some of my recent favorites from the internet:

You won’t regret watching Moxi Skate Team video for 2018. True to it’s namesake, enjoy twelve minutes of badass women doing stunts, flips, handstands and sweet dance moves, half the time in booty shorts? You don’t have to roller skate to enjoy this.

What Do The Cards In A Tarot Deck Mean? Here’s A Quick Peek. This is a user-friendly guide to Tarot that explains the Major and Minor Arcana, suits, and each individual card.

Have you been wanting to get into tarot? This is the perfect time to start.

I love Biddy Tarot as my go-to guide and online resource, too, and I love Etsy and Altar PDX for finding magical decks.

Ashley Longshore has updated her Paintings Page, although she’s so prolific you can enjoy scrollings through pages of paintings past. She is hilarious, a true original, and creates some seriously outrageous eye candy, like the Lah- Tee- Fucking- Dah painting above.

12 Trending Galleries offers a virtual look into, you guessed it, 12 trending galleries. This was really fun to browse and keep the inspiration flowing as I am really missing my local galleries and the Spring shows.

The Law of Attraction, Simplified- I started reading about the Law of Attraction/ Manifesting when I was 13 years old, and I can say without a doubt it is effective as fuck. Granted, what you manifest might not happen as soon as you want (although sometimes it happens sooner!) but I really do believe everyone should learn about it because it will change your life for the better.

FOMO is Over- Give in to the Joy of Letting Go– This New York Times article takes a look at how quarantine has effected women’s beauty regimes, how they benefit us, how they harm us, and most importantly, how much of our time they take up! Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup, clothes, skin care, and the “performance” of femininity. I’ve still worn lipstick every day in quarantine because it makes me happy.

It’s an interesting read, though, to get the take from a variety of professionals and how they’re interpreting, abandoning, or adjusting their beauty regimes in the time of quarantine.

I don’t think we’ll forgo traditional beauty standards or the things we do to try to get close, but I do think this time will help us gain perspective and pull a Marie Kondo with our beauty routines.

Prepare For the Ultimate Gaslighting- This article has been shared pretty widely, and encourages us to tread lightly in resuming our lives as we previously knew them… I think this “pause” we’re experiencing can help us reflect and adjust as we have an opportunity to decide what we want to welcome back into our lives, and what we are ready to say goodbye to. It is imperative we use this time to live more consciously.

A Therapists Guide to Emotional Health in a Pandemic- I love this article and sentiment, because even though humans are extremely adaptable, and we’re all coming to terms with this “new normal,” the fact of the matter is, a vast majority of us have never lived through a pandemic, and it’s important we remember to be gentle with ourselves.

So, listen to the professionals, and I do highly recommend reading through this one and sharing it as an act of self care.

Sending you love, roller skate stunts, and fine art with dildos.

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