Style Inspiration- Quarantine Addition. Thirsty for Lounge Wear and to Dress Up Again

If you’ve been wondering about what to wear in quarantine and whether you should get dressed or just commit to a season of pajamas, read on. You can do both.

it’s kind of like, if you have dessert for every meal, it loses it’s appeal. Pajamas in excess are fun until…they’re not. Plus, when I wear “real clothes,” it gives me a little boost and I get more work done. Even therapists recommend getting dressed in “real clothes” amid the pandemic to lift our spirits.

Plus, online shopping, (even “window shopping” has been a fun distraction) and now that we are in Taurus season it is only appropriate we just lean in and enjoy.

I find myself taking screen shots of fashion that I love, to get inspiration and also create a personal wish list for myself, which evolves as I make edits and find new things to lust after.

Here’s what I’ve been loving:

Basically I’d like to adopt this as my new work-from-home uniform. And by work-from-home I mean create a work-from-home job, because that’s looking like the reality of our forseeable future.

It’s by Catherine D’Lish who I came across on Instagram, and she makes plenty of other very glamorous, custom, one-of-a kind robes like this.

It’s basically all my childhood Jessica Rabbit fantasies come to life.

These are what I’d like to call the rainbow-shoes-of-hope, although I’m pretty sure Unique Vintage has another name for them. I am hopeful of June as a potential unanimous mostly-reopen date, and June is also pride month, so these are perfect.

I bought a perfect four seasons little black dress by C & C California pre- Lockdown that would be just slammin’ with these.

So hey, we can still get outside and exercise, right? My sister and a couple of friends have recently taken up roller skating, and I have to admit it’s something that’s been on my mind for a while, too, especially as we re-shape and re-define our options for activity, fun, and socializing. Plus, I was a major fan of roller skating as a kid (and adult, in the few times I’ve been!)

These Moxi Rollerskates have stolen my sisters heart, and have stolen mine as well. Also, these pink wheels are GLITTER pink wheels. Get in some fun cardio, and whiz by on pink glitter wheels? If you insist!!!

Plus, this quarantine thing makes you think about what you did as a kid and had all the time in the world with nowhere to go. Some of those things would surely be worth a revisit.

Ughhhhh this Sunbright Slip by Free People is also a killer work-from-home uniform, possibly even best paired with the Catherine Dlish robe in the first image. You could also wear this with nothing underneath for a date-night-in with your sweetie. Can you imagine answering the door in this? Smokin’ hot with a dash of romanec.

You could also easily pair it with an opaque slip underneath and go out on the town. I’m very into this neon chartreuse right now.

Again, shoes of hope. Shoes you wear on a big night out, to a wedding, on a fancy-ass-date, or for a photo shoot. They’re like Cinderella meets Sex and the City. Betsey Johnson has had my heart since before I was old enough to wear her clothes. I love that whether it’s her clothes, shoes, or jewelry, it never takes itself too seriously.

This quilted faux- leather Cold Blooded Satchel by Betsey Johnson is the perfect shade of pink, in my honest opinion, and just what I’ve been looking for in a simple black or pink shoulder bag. I usually prefer silver, but pink and gold is pretty irresistible.

Speaking of Pink and Gold, here is a little nail inspo to bring to your nail tech (or to CVS). This is from my preferred nail Salon in Portland, Oregon, Finger Bang Nails. Not only do they have a super creative staff, but their sanitation practices are on-point and they are super diligent about them, even pre- Coronavirus.

Catherine Dlish again, but in baby pink. To. Die. For. Is this not the ultimate Glam Femme Fetish Fantasy? Bury me in this.

Another nail inspo post- a little unicorn iridescent nail porn for you from my favorite (and most sanitary!) nail salon, Finger Bang Nails in Portland. Dear Nail techs, we miss you, we love you.

Again, a dress of hope. Hope for big celebrations. Hope for parties. Hope for fantastic gatherings under and over ten people.

It’s by Revolve and I love that it’s a glamorous take on an LBD.

I just love that this dress is just conservative enough with the built in slip and bra, and sheer everywhere it can be. It is high femme, very sexy, and just modest enough. Meow.

The trikini! It’s a real thing, and Dippin Daisies Swimwear is paving the way. Velvet, tube top, pink and orange, and a little anonymity? Sign me up.

This slip dress by Motel Rocks is like everything I wanted to wear in the 90s, but wasn’t allowed to yet, so it’s fulfilling this very satisfying forbidden fashion void for me. I would wear this as pajamas, I would wear this on a date. I would wear this to buy flowers, I would wear this and show up late. The color combo is punchy but similar enough it doesn’t clash. LOVE THIS!

What’s on your wish list right now? What is your Quarantine lewk? What are you excited to wear when we’re back in the “real world,” and…. will you be sporting a Trikini this year?

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