The Juice- Pink Champagne in a Can, Therapy Breakthroughs, and Getting Engaged to Yourself

Welcome to The Juice! This is a feature I’ll be releasing every week, a public gratitude list where I share what I’m loving, and what the highlights of my week have been- in other words, the juice!

It’s been over a month in self- quarantine, and while it’s been an opportunity to blog and write more, up my fitness regime, catch up with old friends, and feel my introverted self, I’m getting a wee antsy with the cherry blossoms busting outside, and t-shirt weather calling my name. I want a fucking hug, among other things. I want to dress up and be around people and hug like there’s no tomorrow and sit in a restaurant and go shopping! Sue me.

Alas, I will stick this out and do my part to be responsible and considerate, as I hope you will, too, and see this as a potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go deep with creative projects, self love, and transformation.

Back to The Juice… I write in a gratitude journal every single day (including writing about what I’m grateful for that I don’t have yet–because manifesting, you know?) but I thought it would be fun to publicize my gratitude list and encourage people on a weekly basis to make their own gratitude lists, and get inspired!

For this week, here’s the Juice:

<3 Seeing the seedlings I planted a week ago pop up and my pink Nuccios Pearl Camellia Blooming (see above)

<3 Planting gladiola bulbs and planning what I’ll plant in my empty pots

<3 Waking up in the middle of the night to my cat laying on his back, belly up, under the covers with my arm around him.

<3 My sweet friend dropping off a quarantine care package consisting of a home grown bouquet (Wisteria AND lilacs!) a slice of my favorite seven-layer chocolate cakes, and pink champagne in a can. She didn’t even realize, but this was also the ultimate PMS care package.

<3 Taking a nap and not feeling an ounce of guilt

<3 A drop of liquid nicotine under my tongue in the morning… holy productivity hack!

<3 Taking an epsom-salt bath, and splashing cold water on my face, chest, and back, before relaxing back in to the hot water with a big glass of ice water.

<3 Ordering lilac colored 100% cotton sheets and metallic journals online

<3 Filling up a journal in two months thanks to quarantine

<3 Taking the Blogcademy online course (they had a flash sale for $49!!!) and feeling re-inspired and like I was just given a permission slip to have more fun

<3 Deciding to buy myself a beautiful, sparkly ring since Instagram and Facebook have been relentless on the engagement ring advertisements… but I’m single. So, I’ve proposed to myself. I said yes. Plus, I bought it from Moon Magic, and they plant a tree for every piece of jewelry sold, so it’s practically a good deed.

<3 Making mango margaritas with frozen mango chunks…. dang.

<3 Making killer veggie burgers with special sauce and home made sweet potato fries…DANK!

<3 Chatting to my bff for three hours on the phone and seeing an enormous rainbow right afterwards

<3 Phone dates with my sweet sister

<3 Deciding to go back to therapy for a minute and finding an amazing remote therapist on the first try (through Better Help) who has taught me more about myself in three weeks time than all the books I’ve read in the last year….which is a lot of books. Sometimes, the exact things we criticize in others is the thing we need to heal in ourselves. It’s called projecting, and I knew all about it, but I needed a third party to help me see it in myself.

<3 Art work and Instagram stories by Ashely Longshore that keep me inspired and keep me laughing (she is the featured image for this blog post)

<3 Switching from warm fuzzy robes to silky ones

<3 Being perfectly comfortable outside in just a t-shirt

<3 Cashing checks and putting them on my altar to express my gratitude

So, whats the juice? What are the best things that have happened to you in the last week or so? What are you grateful for? Share in the comments!

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