30 Ways to Boost Your Mood

We all have days or moments where we feel like we’re in a slump, and we’re not sure why. Or maybe you’re emotionally hungover from something that happened recently, and you’re just looking to dust yourself off and find a little sunshine again. Here are thirty quick ways to give your mood a little boost when you’re feeling a little lost:

  1. Go for a walk, especially if there is sunshine and decent weather. Wear a jacket.
  2. Dance like a wild woman in your house when no one is watching
  3. Cook a new or favorite recipe
  4. Go out into your yard and make a DIY bouquet
  5. Buy flowers for every room in your house
  6. Listen to a funny podcast or watch stand up comedy
  7. Light a candle, stretch, and take some deep breaths
  8. Eat some chocolate
  9. Make plans with with a friend
  10. Take a bath and use Epsom salts. Light a candle, bring an icy, tasty drink and turn off the lights. Don’t forget the rolled up towel or bath pillow for your head. While you’re in the bath, let the cold water tricky from the faucet, fill your hands and splash your face, chest and down your back with the cold water. Submerge yourself again. Seriously. Do it.
  11. Read a book and put your phone on silent in the other room
  12. Call a friend
  13. Watch a funny or nostalgic movie
  14. Buy some plants and spruce up your interior or outdoor area
  15. Leave a gift on a friends porch
  16. Buy a bouquet of roses and leave them on a strangers car
  17. Send cards to family or friends near or far
  18. Go get a manicure or give yourself one at home
  19. Get out in the garden, weed, prune, deadhead, mow, and pick up trash
  20. Go through your bookshelf, be generous, and donate to a Little Free Library
  21. Go to a public or botanical garden
  22. Work Out- Even if you’re tired or don’t feel like it. A walk or stretch can be a game changer if you’re not feeling high energy.
  23. Pack some snacks, your journal or sketchbook, a book and a blanket, and go to the park, beach or your own back yard and have a picnic
  24. Wear something bright or colorful or that has some humor
  25. Put on bright lipstick
  26. Put on earrings
  27. Make some art
  28. Make a rainbow maker to hang in your sunniest window
  29. Have a cup of tea
  30. Do a handstand or a headstand

Sometimes we just need to get out of our routines a little bit. Stop sitting around and thinking so much, and go do something. It’s amazing what can happen when we choose to take a little action and take a few steps in a different direction.

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